Homemade Family Reunion Gifts

Purchasing gifts to commemorate a family reunion can be expensive when you have a lot of family members. Make homemade gifts to fit your budget. Not only will it help keep costs down, but these memorable gifts will come from your heart.

Gift Ideas

Make a family tree. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a family tree as "a drawing that shows the relationships between the different members of a family, especially over a long period of time." This gift may take some time to gather information. Decide how far back you would like to research. There are templates that you can print off from websites. Place information in the family tree as you find it. Knowing your families history can be very interesting and informative. You can also get your family involved with this gift. Ask each of them to search for certain ancestors. Use your library and the Internet to find information on your ancestors.

Another great gift idea is to gather all of your family's favorite recipes and create a family cookbook. Ask each family to give you a recipe for breakfast, dinner and a dessert. Combine all of the recipes. You can print off the recipes and have them bound at any local office store.

If you and some of your family members have a lot of pictures from over the years, you could create a scrapbook. This gift may take some time, but you can recruit help from some of your other family members. Make one scrapbook for each family, not family member. Gather pictures from each family members' wedding and births.

If you would like to use pictures but do not want to make a scrapbook, you could make a calendar. Choose 12 pictures, one for each month. Calendars are also an appropriate gift because you can add everyone's birthdays and anniversaries to the calendar. It will be a handy reference tool to remember those special dates.

Create awards for each family member that can be humorous or serious. You can create them on the computer and have them laminated at your local office store. Examples would be "Best Personality" or "Worst Dressed." Use your family's quirks to come up with appropriate awards.