Homemade Care Package Ideas

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Homesickness can strike at any time, whether you're a college freshman away from the comforts of home or a brave member of the Armed Forces serving our country overseas. Family members and friends of the traveler can give him a taste of home by sending a homemade care package to his destination. Several ideas work well for care packages, and you can cater them to the individual's interests and needs.

Baked Goods Basket

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, create a care package stocked full of your best homemade treats. A child away for summer camp will appreciate this taste of home. Choose a few of your favorite recipes -- items like cookies, brownies and fudge work well. Individually wrap each item, and place them in the box. Add bubblewrap between layers of treats so that they arrive in one piece. Include a card that says "Made with love."

Boredom Cures

Your homemade care package can entertain its recipient as well. If your recipient is traveling a lot, spending long hours on planes or in cars, this package will be much appreciated. Stock your care package full of items to keep her entertained. A deck of cards works well if she's traveling alone or in a group. A book of crossword puzzles or Sudoku can challenge her mind. If you know her favorite author, add their latest release in the care package. Books on tape or gift cards to buy MP3s are additional ideas.

A Taste of Home

Sometimes, the care package is more about its meaning than its contents. If you're sending a package to someone suffering from homesickness, choose items that will remind him of home. A framed family picture is a thoughtful gift that he can display wherever he is staying. Encourage each family member to write a letter to the recipient about what they've been up to -- he will feel more connected to his family even if he's far away.

Necessity Care Package

If you're sending a care package to a member of the Armed Forces stationed far away from home, focus on sending her the necessities. Small travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash can come in handy during her tour of duty. Tissues, hand sanitizer and sunblock are also useful items. Nonperishable food items like granola bars, pretzels, hard candy and gum are other luxuries that she will enjoy in her care package.