Home Remedy for Tarnished Jewelry

by Jerry Garner ; Updated September 28, 2017

Over time, beautiful jewelry has a tendency to become dull and tarnished. It can be disappointing to see it happen, but it is to be expected. Many jewelry stores will clean jewelry for you, but it can be costly. Remedies you can use right at home do the same job and are very economical. Chances are you have some of the ingredients already. Most if not all of the ingredients can be found in grocery stores.

Baking Soda

You will need a semi-deep plastic or glass heat resistant container for this remedy. It only has to be deep enough for the mixture to cover your jewelry, so if you are cleaning watches or rings, then it can be shallow compared with what it would if cleaning other larger items. Cover the bottom in aluminum foil and pour almost boiled water over the foil. Then add two tablespoons of baking soda into the water.

Place the jewelry into the water on top of the foil. You can add more baking soda if the tarnish does not start to lift after a few minutes. You will notice the tarnish coming off because there will be a bubbling effect as well as a slight smell coming from the dish. You may need a little brush to get remaining tarnish from difficult spots such as grooves or indents. You can also make a paste from the baking soda if the tarnish remains. Rub it over the jewelry and clean it off with a soft cloth, using a brush again if necessary.

Ammonia Mix

You will need to mix mild soap and water into some ammonia. Wearing gloves, you can rub this mixture onto the jewelry, then proceed to wipe it off with a different cloth that has a soft texture.

Put any clean silver you have into a plastic Ziploc bag with a piece of chalk in it to prevent it from being tarnished; for any newly cleaned silver, you can cover it with car wax to stop it from tarnishing again.

Special Treatments for Gold

Gold is really easy to damage while cleaning it, and certain other home remedies may be too abrasive. One method you can try is rubbing mild dish detergent over the tarnished area and creating a lather with the soap. You can also use a soft bristled brush as well, such as a toothbrush. It is not recommended that you use toothpaste or baking soda with gold.

Rinse the soap from the jewelry with warm water and dry it using a soft cloth made with cotton. After drying it, lay it out flat for 24 hours before storing to make sure it is completely dry.

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