Home Remedy for Dry Face Skin

Facial skin is the most delicate, sensitive and exposed skin on the entire body. It requires extra care particularly when it is parched, itchy, irritated and dry. Two factors can promote dry face skin--the environment and skin care procedure. There are many simple and inexpensive home remedies from healing dry face to protecting and preventing dry skin.

Gentle Facial Cleanser

Many store-bought facial cleansers contain harsh chemicals that can dry out the skin. Consider using a gentle homemade cleanser that does not strip the natural oils like an equal mixture of oatmeal and yogurt. The oatmeal acts as a gentle exfoliate, removing dead skin cells while healing dry, itchy skin. Yogurt is a fatty substance that acts as a moisturizer.

Facial Cleaning Considerations

Be sure to never wash your face with cold or hot water but use lukewarm temperature instead. Also pay attention to how you wash your face. Facial skin is so sensitive and does not require a lot of rubbing. Instead, apply the homemade facial cleanser and massage gently in a circular motion, using your index and middle fingers. Finally, pat your face lightly with a towel to dry.


It is important to use moisturizer immediately after washing your face while the skin is a bit damp. The moisturizer is able to lock into the skin quickly when it has less exposure to the air. Moisturizers for dry skin should be a thick or an oily substance, like petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil. Stick to natural, basic and inexpensive products with no chemicals and remember to put use moisturizers both morning and night. Oils might be too greasy for the morning. Apply a thick facial moisturizer and add drops of oil or a bit of petroleum jelly around the problem areas like the cheeks, lips or under the nose, but be sure to apply it to the entire face at night.


A decrease in humidity can lead to dry skin. Typically, your entire body except your face is covered by a blanket when you go to sleep. Consider lowering the heat and using a humidifier to compensate for the dry air. A humidifier adds moisture in the air, and that can help to keep your facial skin moist throughout the night.

Homemade Facial Spa

Open pores are essential for moisturizers. Add a weekly regimen of a facial mask and an herbal facial sauna to your skin care procedure. Use ingredients that add moisture to the skin, like mashed avocados or bananas, and add olive or almond oil to create a thick paste. Apply it to your face and leave it on for five minutes then wash it off with warm water and apply moisturizer.

An herbal facial sauna also opens pores. Boil two quarts of water and infuse two to four bags of herbal tea (peppermint, chamomile or lavender). Pour the water in a bathroom sink, cover your head with a towel and lean over the sink for two to three minutes. Apply moisturizer immediately after.