Home Remedy for Absorbing Odor

Odor problems in your bathroom, kitchen and living areas are embarrassing and unsanitary. Some strong odors even carry bacteria into the air and can make someone nauseous. So odor is a problem which you should remedy as quickly as possible. There are a few common household items that you can use in place of expensive cleaning products to absorb and eliminate odor.


Vinegar is an effective odor-removing liquid. While the smell of vinegar is not particularly pleasant, the smell goes away after a few hours when applied to surfaces, and it does a wonderful job of absorbing odor from the air. Fill a bowl with vinegar and place it in the offending room. The odor will be absorbed within 24 hours. You can also soak a piece of bread or cloth with vinegar and place it in areas of your house that need deodorizing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another substance that has the ability to absorb smells from the air and from surfaces. Sprinkle it on your carpets and cloth furniture surfaces. If you have a pet, use it to help absorb odor from their pet beds. Let the baking soda settle on the surfaces for at least two hours, and then vacuum up the powder. If you have a really bad smelling load of laundry, shake some soda over the fabrics before washing. This is also a solution for odor that emanates from your garbage cans between trash days.

Baking soda also absorbs odor from the air in your refrigerator. Crack open a corner of a small box, and place it in the back of your fridge and freezer. Keep a box near your cat's litter box, in the garage, at the bottom of your closets and in any room of your house that is plagued with stubborn odors.

Dryer Sheets

The dryer sheets that you use to freshen your laundry are valuable odor absorbers. Place sheets in your dresser drawers, inside foul-smelling sneakers, under couch cushions and under the seats of your car. When you fold your linens and towels, leave a sheet inside the folds to remove any odor leftover from the wash, so that you can enjoy a fresh scent while you sleep and as you're drying yourself after showering in the morning.