Hip Hop Costume Ideas

Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Dress in true hip-hop style at your next costume party by gathering ideas to make you look just like an old school rapper. From the gold teeth to the gold chains, dress to impress with these hip-hop costume ideas that resemble some of your favorite rappers, such as Flavor Flav, Grandmaster Flash and Eminem.

Basic Look

To get that basic hip-hop look, wear a bright colored sweat suit, like red or yellow and a large gold chain, the bigger the chain the better. Many Halloween and party supply stores have plastic gold chains that are large and look real. Wear a beanie cap, which are tight fitting and have an elastic band. Accessorize the outfit with some athletic shoes and dark sunglasses. Wear the pants baggy for the true hip-hop style.

Quick and Easy

For a quick and easy hip-hop costume, you will need a white shirt, really baggy pants, funny boxers, a black marker, a baseball cap, several gold chains and athletic tennis shoes. Take the black marker and write your rapper name on your shirt. Names examples include “Sweet Thing,” “Brown Sugar,” or “Hotty Totty.” Put on your baggy pant over the funny boxers and make sure the boxers are showing. Pull the pants down so they look really baggy and let the boxers show. You might need to use a belt to keep them from falling down. Put on several gold chains and put the baseball cap on sideways. Wear the tennis shoes untied with the shoestrings taken out.

Bling Hip-Hop

If budget allows, create a hip-hop costume that stands out using several bling accessories. Wear the same baggy pants with boxers and any shirt will work. Find several large gold chains with diamonds, bracelets and rings. Halloween stores and party supply stores carry this fake jewelry. The jewelry is large and some of the rings will cover your entire hand. Wear a baseball cap sideways or a tight-fitted beanie. If you want to go for the Flavor Flav look, tie a large wall clock around your neck and wear it as a necklace.


Accessories that will work with any hip-hop costume include snap-on gold teeth, large gold chains and jewelry, large diamond earrings, any jewelry with dollar signs, baseball caps and tennis shoes. Carry a boombox as an accessory.