High School Graduation Party Theme Ideas

young guy on a graduation day image by Galina Barskaya from Fotolia.com

Congratulate a recent high school graduate by throwing him a well-planned theme party. Since your child will only graduate from high school once, don't be afraid to throw him an elaborate party or to invite a large group of people. Keep in mind, though, that since a lot of people graduate at the same time, a lot of parties will be happening. You may want to schedule your graduation party a few weeks after the event so that it doesn't conflict with the parties of any friends or family members.

School of Your Choice

If your graduate is headed off to college or trade school in the fall, let everyone know he has school spirit by using his new school as theme. Decorate with the college's colors and hang a few posters of the school up. You may also want to use a stuffed version of the school's mascot as a centerpiece. If your child is going away to school, serve appetizers and snacks that mimic the regional cuisine of his new school. For instance, if he is attending a school in southeastern Pennsylvania, serve soft pretzels and cheese steaks.

Party Down Memory Lane

High school graduation is a time for remembering and reflecting on a child's earlier school years. Make childhood memories the theme of the party, but don't get so sentimental that you embarrass the graduate. Make a photo collage of her school portraits through the years as well as a collage of any awards or achievements she's received. If you invite friends from your child's school, tell them to bring their yearbooks so they can collect any last signatures from their fellow classmates.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Since most high school graduations take place at the start of summer, take advantage of the warm weather by throwing a Hawaiian-themed graduation party. If you have a pool, throw the party at your house. If not, see if you can rent the pool at your local recreation center for the day. Decorate with inflatable palm trees and distribute floral leis as guests arrive. Organize a hula hooping or hula dance contest as well as a limbo contest. Serve a cake that has the graduate's senior photo screened onto it.

Future Career Party

Some careers make better party themes than others. For instance, you may not want to design a party around the theme of dentistry. If your child wants to be an artist or to work in films though, you may be able to plan her party around her future career choice. Throw a movie-themed party by setting up a big screen in your living room or backyard and screening your child's favorite films. Serve popcorn and decorate with empty film reels and director's chairs.