How to Hide Facial Wrinkles

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Nothing lifts your confidence more than the appearance of even and wrinkle-free skin. As a woman ages, it becomes more difficult to retain a youthful, fresh and dewy skin tone. Surgery and chemical peels are pricey solutions, but you can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using a few youth-boosting and creamy beauty products. A great skin care regimen is important, but expertly applied makeup takes your skin from splotchy and wrinkled to smoother and plumped-up in an instant.

Step 1

Wash and exfoliate skin with gentle cleansers formulated for your skin type. The exfoliation process removes dead skin and allows the makeup to glide on skin smoothly.

Step 2

Hydrate skin with a quarter-size amount of moisturizer to plump up your wrinkled skin. Let the moisturizer dissolve into skin for five to 10 minutes, before applying other makeup products.

Step 3

Fill in pores and fine lines with a primer. Use your fingertips to smooth the gel-like product into fine lines on your face.

Step 4

Even out your complexion with a creamy, liquid foundation. Pour or squirt a dab of foundation on the back of your hand. Dip a foundation brush into the product. Apply the foundation over your facial wrinkles using a back and forth motion. Use a sponge to complete the coverage on the other areas of your face.

Step 5

Exfoliate lips with a damp washcloth. Apply a lip balm to smooth lips and fill in lines. Swipe on a creamy pink- or red-toned lipstick, instead of a neutral brown, taupe or beige one, to divert attention away from frown lines around lips.