Help With Wearing a Micro Bikini


0:05 shopping for swimsuits shouldn't be a

0:07 nightmare hi I'm Meghan Lorraine with I

0:10 hate heels and today we're at California

0:12 sunshine and see hurt New Jersey

0:14 discussing help with wearing a micro

0:16 bikini feeling a little bold and crazy

0:18 go micro so how do you wear a micro

0:21 bikini with confidence and a great tan

0:23 you will need to be at ease with your

0:25 body and having that almost perfect tan

0:27 will also be beneficial make sure to be

0:30 free of tan lines a spray tan can help

0:32 with us if you're able to wear a string

0:34 bikini with confidence then go right

0:36 ahead and try a Micro Micro bikinis are

0:38 for girls who really enjoy the attention

0:40 and love their tans so quit being shy

0:43 and go for it