How to Get Heatless Waves Overnight

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Adding waves to your hair not only gives it texture, but it can also give you a romantic, carefree style. While many people use curling irons, crimpers and other heat products to achieve waves, these can be damaging to hair, not to mention time consuming. There are a number of ways to get waves overnight while you sleep with the added benefit of using zero heat.

Braid It

Braiding hair before bed is a common way to add wave. You can do one or two thick braids to create a light wave in your locks. If you have thicker hair, add more pronounced waves by doing more braids around your head. Let your hair air dry until it is just slightly damp before you braid it to ensure hair dries completely by morning.

Twist It

Twisting your hair up is an easy way to add beach waves to your do. This works better for hair that is past the shoulders. Twist your hair as you put it up and then secure your locks. As with braiding, if you have thick hair, you can do a few bun twists atop your head.

Curl It

Foam curlers can be used to add wave overnight. Add a curler to 1-inch pieces of hair until all hair is curled up. Use on dry hair to get a wavy result, as rolled-up wet or damp hair will result in taut curls. Wrap your hair up in a scarf or cover with a cloth cap to keep curlers from getting loose. In the morning, you can let out curls and finger comb to loosen them into soft waves.

Products to Use

Products can increase waviness and maintain your style. Spritzing hair with styling gel or adding mouse before braiding, twisting or rolling up will keep frizz at bay. A little hairspray on clean hair will also increase hold.