Hassle-Free Hostess: Tips for a Successful Party


0:04 hi I'm Yvette rio verde how calm and

0:07 I've got some easy tips to make your

0:09 next outdoor shindig stress-free so to

0:12 start with don't bother being a

0:14 bartender all day prepare a drink ahead

0:17 of time a cocktail put it in a picture

0:18 and set out some glasses and that way

0:20 guests can get their own drinks and

0:22 you're free to mingle and do what you

0:23 want to do I always like to set out

0:26 plates and my silverware wrapped in

0:28 napkins too so my guests can just grab

0:30 and go and I set it all out and they can

0:32 take care of themselves and it's

0:34 important to have some finger food I

0:35 like to set out olives and cheese and

0:38 crackers easy stuff that's great at room

0:40 temperature and that way when your

0:42 guests arrived they can start snacking

0:43 right away and it gives them an

0:45 opportunity to mingle a little bit and

0:46 you don't have to carry around hors

0:47 d'oeuvre trees all day which who wants

0:49 to do that and then for your main course

0:51 don't bother making something that needs

0:53 to be served piping hot do things that

0:55 are great at room temperature like pasta

0:57 salads frittatas quiches and you can

1:01 also go to your kitchen and grab one of

1:02 these a colander and you can use this to

1:05 put over your food to make sure that it

1:07 stays critter free I'm event Rios thanks

1:10 for watching and check me out again on

1:11 ehow com