Harley-Davidson Birthday Cake Ideas

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The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. has become a staple of the motorcycle industry. It is arguably the most popular motorcycle brand on the planet, with its logo on its bikes and every conceivable product on the market--coolers, clothes, dishware, lighters, towels, ashtrays, clocks, even funeral markers are stamped with that distinctive shield.


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Re-creating the logo is an easy way to make your cake a Harley-Davidson cake. Print the logo off the Internet and use it as a stencil, or just dive in and freehand it. Just make sure you get that distinctive logo front and center.


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Your cake isn't going to be a Harley-Davidson cake if you use pinks and greens. Harley-Davidson cakes need to feature the Harley-Davidson colors: orange, black and white.


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It's not a Harley-Davidson cake without the original Harley-Davidson product--a motorcycle. Building an edible motorcycle takes some serious ability, so you can cheat by buying a motorcycle toy or model. Put it in a place of honor on your cake, but clean it well before you do.


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Paint road scenery in icing on the face and sides of the cake--grass, some sidewalk, and most importantly, the open road. Black icing for the street and yellow icing center lines look great.

Professional Cakes

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Don't feel like making your cake? No problem. Get a cake made at a specialty bakery. Just bring in a photo of your bike or anything else that you feel screams Harley-Davidson. Work with the cake maker to design it, then sit back, relax and wait for the motorcycle monument to take shape.