What Happens to a Woman When Going Through Divorce?

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Even though divorce is becoming commonplace, the end of a marriage greatly impacts women. Separating two intertwined lives is a complicated procedure. Several attorneys and court time usually are encountered before the matter is resolved. If a woman has children, divorce gets even more stressful as issues of custody must be worked out. The effect of divorce is not limited to material possessions. The situation affects a woman's spirit as well.

She Takes a Financial Blow

Attorney fees mount during a divorce. Paying bills on her own as a single woman also diminishes how far the paycheck stretches. Unless a woman gains a sizable alimony check from the divorce, she likely faces taking a financial hit. Smart Money warns women to maintain their own credit during the marriage to ensure she will be able to secure loans and credit lines in case of separation.

She May Need to Move

Two-income families can afford bigger homes. After a divorce, a woman may need to look for housing she is able to better maintain on her own. She may need to look for less square footage and neighborhoods where she will likely find other women in similar situations. Locating closer to other family also is a likely option.

She Questions Herself

Rejection stings on any level. The emotion is arguably felt deepest during a marital separation. Women can experience deep blows to their self-esteem when losing their husbands because of the betrayal they feel. Even if the woman initiated the divorce, she may feel something is wrong with her that caused the marriage to fail. Bottom line, any end to a relationship likely makes a woman consider her self-worth on some level.

She Feels Pressure

A woman going through a divorce can feel more pressure on her in terms of making others happy. She may feel that she needs to comfort others who are disappointed her relationship didn't work out. Or she may feel like she needs to make excuses for its demise. She also feels time pressures, especially in terms of child-rearing, as she faces many of these tasks alone.

She Has Mixed Feelings

Even in the most clear-cut cases where divorce seems like the only viable option, a woman can have mixed feelings that divorce was the correct decision. Most people take their marital vows very seriously; breaking the vows is traumatizing. On the one hand, the woman may be happy the stress of the relationship is over. On the other hand, she may find she still misses the good times with her husband.