How to Handle a Jealous Sibling

Your sibling: your own flesh and blood brother or sister. You may be years apart or close in age, but there is no denying the inherent bond between siblings. Though you may have a brother or sister that is also your best friend, many siblings don't get along. In the family dynamic, jealousy between siblings can be a dangerous thing. Your parents may favor one of you and compare your sibling to another. If you have a jealous sibling for any reason at all, learn how to handle the problem.

Understand your sibling. If your sister or brother is normally cordial and friendly, but are suddenly on a jealous streak, get to the bottom of the problem. They may be facing stress at school or work on top of personal issues. See if you can relate to them before you judge them.

Let your parents or guardians know. If you're not out of your house yet, bring your sibling rivalry to your parents' attention. If you're older and live apart from your parents, give them a call. Tell them that your sibling seems upset and see if they can offer any solutions.

Confront your sibling tactfully. If your brother or sister is willing to sit down and discuss things with you, find a time you can bring their behavior to their attention. Be kind, but firm.

Compromise with your sibling. If they're jealous over the fact that you received more money in your parents' will than they did, attempt to come to some agreement. Money can play a huge role in sibling rivalry.

Enlist the help of a mutual friend. If your sister loves your boyfriend, ask your boyfriend to talk to her. She may be willing to reveal some things to him that she wouldn't share with you.

Let your sibling know that you're not trying to compete with them. Tell them you're both on the same side and should act as teammates instead of rivals.