Halloween Party Games and Ideas for Teens

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Hosting a Halloween party is a popular option for teens who have outgrown trick-or-treating, but still want to celebrate the year's scariest holiday. Teen Halloween parties can be spooky, entertaining or, ideally, a mixture of both. When planning your party, consider every detail, from decorations to refreshments to games.


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While it's fine to just toss up a few jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs, specific Halloween themes are more memorable and entertaining for your guests. Build a party around your favorite horror movie or supernatural TV series. Or try a theme built around monsters. In the invitations, ask teens to dress as vampires, werewolves or zombies, Create decorations around the theme; for vampires, try Gothic night club decor, with dim lighting, a fog machine and bats hanging from door frames.


Halloween night is your chance to serve up refreshments that look gross in addition to tasting great. Teens love creative, creepy refreshments. Donut holes can be decorated as eyeballs, and a basic sugar cookie recipe can be modified to create severed fingers (with almond fingernails and red frosting blood). Try matching refreshments to the theme. For a vampire theme, whip up "coagulated blood" dip. Accent a witchcraft-themed party with a nonalcoholic witch's brew punch.

Icebreaker Activities

Icebreakers help get your Halloween party off to a strong start. Place two plastic jack-o-lanterns near the entrance to the party. Make two sets of folded papers; one jack-o-lantern should contain Halloween terms such as "witch," "ghost," "spider" and "werewolf," while the other contains matching terms, such as "broomstick," "boo," "spiderweb" and "full moon." Have guests pick a paper from only one container, and later search for their matching word. Guests with a matching set can be partners for later games.

Games and Activities

Besides socializing and dancing, try spooky activities and games to keep teens interested throughout the night. For example, before your party, write specific instructions on small pieces of paper and insert them into orange and black balloons. Try ideas like "reach your hand into a bowl of eyeballs" (actually peeled grapes) or "share your scariest paranormal experience." Make sure each dare is scary, but not risky or illegal. In the middle of the party, ask each teen to pop a balloon and perform the dare they find inside.