Halloween Etched Glass Block

Jessica Begum


This fun Halloween etched glass block might look like you need special tools and artistic talent to create, but you don’t! It’s actually quite easy to make your own! You can use your glass block as is, stuff it with tissue paper, fill it with flowers, or light it up with tea lights! Whichever way, it is sure to draw attention from all your friends, family, ghosts and ghouls this Halloween season!


You'll need one 7 ½" by 7 ½" glass block, an eHow Halloween template sized and printed to fit the glass block (the one pictured is sized 75%), shelving paper with removable backing, spray glue, scissors, a craft knife, a cutting mat, glass etching cream and a paintbrush.

Jessica Begum

Spray Glue Template to Shelving Paper

Begin by making a stencil with the eHow Halloween template and shelving paper. Spray glue template to the front side of the shelving paper. With scissors, cut out 1” wider than the edges of the printed template shapes.

Jessica Begum

Cut Shapes Out

Using a craft knife and cutting mat, carefully cut out printed template shapes.

Jessica Begum

Place Stencil on Block

Remove the backing from the stencil and place on glass block. To ensure a crisp etched image, take extra care to secure the stencil evenly by firmly pressing down all the edges with your finger.

Jessica Begum

Apply Etching Cream

Paint a generous coat of etching cream over stencil, making sure all exposed glass is covered. Once a coat of cream is placed, hold block up to the light to see if any spots or corners were missed. Re-apply if necessary. Wait the recommended time found on etching cream. Rinse with water and remove stencil. Tip: Double the recommended waiting time to insure a deep etch.

Jessica Begum

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