The Hallmarks and Signs of a Rebound Relationship

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Breakups, divorces and separations have a way of leaving a person stripped emotionally raw, desperate for cathartic relief. Often, the need to salve those wounds leads to jumping head first into the next relationship to come along. When heartbreak is the driving force, what do those resulting connections tend to have in common?

Fear of Being Alone

In some cases, a person might jump right into a new relationship out of a fear of being alone rather than from a genuine attraction, explains clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia, in the article, "Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings," in Psychology Today. Perhaps a person wishes to prove to an ex that she has no lingering feelings, or perhaps a person places her self-worth on her ability to be in a relationship. When fear is the glue tying a couple together, however, the potential for a genuine emotional connection can suffer.

Grasping for Stability

Emotional vulnerability surrounds breakups, which often drives the broken-hearted to seek stability wherever they can find it, including into the arms of the next person to come along ,explains counselor Nathan Feiles, in the PsychCentral article, "How to Get Over a Breakup." This can be especially true for those who struggle by themselves to combat the raw emotions that accompany a breakup. Finding a new relationship may help a person distract himself from the pain involved in letting go of the ex.

Keeping it Casual

Rebounders may show clear signs of not knowing what they really want, as they yearn for a relationship while also shy away from commitment, explains psychotherapist Mary Darling Montero in the Huffington Post article, "Are Rebound Relationships Doomed From the Start?" When a person is in a rebound relationship and feels intense, then cools and becomes uncertain, this can be an indication that a person has not yet moved on from his ex. Once that healing has occurred, he may be more capable of making a genuine connection with another person, but until then, relationships are more likely to remain on a superficial level.

Plenty of Baggage

When bitterness plagues the start of a new relationship, this is usually a sign that a rebound is underway, according to Lamia. A person who expresses discontent toward dating or the opposite sex generally, is carrying around too much baggage from his last relationship. Until the rebounder can separate new encounters from old loves, it will be difficult for the current relationship to flourish.