Hairstyles for the Mother of the Groom

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Hairstyles for the mother of the groom should be elegant, tasteful and age appropriate. The style needs to be subtle enough not to outshine the bride’s hairstyle and secure enough to last through the long wedding day. For the best results, have your hair trimmed and/or colored about two weeks before the wedding day.

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Use an asymmetrical cut with the hair long in the front and short in the back to create a modern hairstyle. The cutline in an asymmetrical bob is a smooth sweep downward from the nape of the neck to a few inches below the chin. Mature women should add some volume around the crown area when styling to help create a youthful effect.

Bob Hairstyle

A sleek bob hairstyle is an elegant and easy look for the mother of the groom. A bob is a blunt cut, with or without bangs, that hangs at or above the shoulders. Lightly layer the bob for a rounded silhouette or leave the style a single length for a smooth silhouette. Curl the last 2 inches of the hair inward to create a traditional bob or curl the ends outward for a flirty bob.

Chignon Hairstyle

A mother of the groom with medium to long hair can create a simple and sophisticated hairstyle using a chignon bun. Smooth the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and twist the ponytail into a loose bun shaped into a sideways figure “8.” Secure the bun with tiny bobby pins hidden in the strands. Small barrettes, combs, pins, flowers or ribbons can be used to decorate the middle of the bun.

Curled Layer Hairstyle

Add a little curl to short, layered hairstyles for the mother of the groom to create a fancy look. Women with short pixie, chop or round hairstyles can curl the tip of each layer cluster inward to add volume or outward to add texture. Mature women with short and layered cuts tend to look best when they also add some volume around the crown area.

French Twist Hairstyle

Pull long hair into a sophisticated French twist to create a regal hairstyle. Brush the hair into a smooth ponytail at the base of the neck and twist it upward, tucking the ends into the top of the roll. Secure the twist with hidden bobby pins or with decorative hairpins. Decorative hair combs, barrettes and ribbons can also be incorporated into the twist.

Short Flip Hairstyle

A mother of the groom with a shoulder-length hairstyle can create a short flip to dress up her look. Tease the hair around the back of the crown to add some volume. Curl the last few inches of hair in a single, outward curl to create the flip and add some side swept bangs.