How to Know if a Guy Is Into You for Your Money

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If you have a gut feeling that your man is using you for money, take action sooner than later. Having a bad feeling about a relationship is the first sign that something is wrong. Trust your intuition and protect yourself and your hard earned money from a gold-digging man. How do you know when he is using you for money? There are signs to look out for when determining whether or not he needs to go for good.

Happily Unemployed

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Mr. Perfect has not had a job that has lasted more than two months since he graduated high school. “I haven't found a perfect fit,” he says. You respect that he believes he can do better, right? Perhaps he really hasn't been able to find that job that is worthy of his expertise. Do not be fooled. It may not be apparent at the very beginning, but you may have a user on your hands.

The Borrower

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Borrowing is a less obvious way a man will use you for your money. “Wow, is that a new laptop? Can I borrow it?” he says. That sounds innocent enough. It is not unusual for couples to share their things. However, when the borrowing becomes habitual and items begin to disappear for good, it is time to put a stop to this behavior. A man that is using you will be deceptive in determining how much you will be willing to let him take.

Mr. Forgetful

Every woman knows the tale about the man who reaches for the check only to discover he has forgotten his wallet. The reality is that this can happen to anyone at least once in a while, and if it happens while you're out with your man, don't immediately assume it means trouble. However, if this "forgetfulness" starts to become a habit and you find yourself paying for every meal and possibly filling the tank of his car with gas, put a stop to his behavior by reminding him to grab his wallet before leaving the house.

Say Goodbye

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If you find that you have become the sole provider for your new little family of two, it may be time to make a change. Do not allow a man to take advantage of your generosity. Financially supporting a man can have consequences beyond lightening your wallet. According to a recent study, men who are financially dependent on their partners are five times more likely to cheat. Regardless of how accepting he may be, his feelings of inadequacy can cause him to pursue other women. So, if a man is using your for money, save yourself the additional drama of his dependency and send him packing.