How to Get Your Guy to Forgive You

We've all done it: said something to a significant other---a boyfriend, lover, or husband---that we immediately regretted. Ouch! But the question is, now what? How can you win him back? What is it going to take before he forgives you? Here are a few things you just might want to try.

Seeking Forgiveness

Find out what exactly you did wrong. This isn't as obvious as it sounds. Even if you've been dating (or even been married to) the same guy for years, it's still possible to touch a nerve you didn't even know he had. You can't begin to reconcile until you know what caused the problem.

Say you're sorry. There's nothing like an apology to set things right. And that doesn't mean one of those conditional, "I'm sorry if you were hurt," celebrity-style apologies. It means accepting responsibility for your actions in a way that demonstrates sincerity.

Share your feelings about the relationship. Tell your partner something he did lately that you appreciated. To really communicate your feelings, use a nickname, a familiar gesture, or another reminder of something that connects you.

Do something special. That might mean taking him out to his favorite restaurant, offering a back rub, or buying him a small gift. It doesn't have to be anything grand, but it should show thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and commitment.

Let him know it won't happen again. Of course, you should never promise something you can't deliver on. But if you're honest and open about your limitations and what you want from the relationship, and your man is a keeper, he'll get the idea and forgive you.