Groom Gag Gifts

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Weddings are a milestone in the lives of the bride and groom. The feeling surrounding the wedding is usually sweet and sentimental; however, it can also be amusing. If you have a friend or family member who is about to assume the role of groom, prepare him for his wedding day and his new title as husband with comical gifts.

A Ball and Chain

Give the groom a gag gift that represents an actual ball and chain. Any type of ball and chain can be used for this gift. For example, a metal tire chain and a basketball or a jewelry chain and a baseball. You can also purchase from a party supply or novelty store a plastic ball and chain that the groom can wear around his ankle.

A Marriage Survival Kit

Use a tool box for a "marriage survival" kit and include funny items. A bottle of aspirin and earplugs for those times that his wife is nagging. A whistle so he can get a word in edgewise. An "I'm sorry" card for all the times he upsets his wife. A Kama Sutra book and massage oils to keep the spark in the marriage. Include a gift certificate to a restaurant so he can take his new wife on a romantic dinner. Give him a mini calendar or datebook with all of the important dates marked--his wife's birthday, his anniversary, Valentine's Day, his mother-in-law's birthday and so forth. The groom is sure to get a laugh--and use--out of this comical gift.

A T-Shirt

Let him know who the boss is with a T-shirt that says "Mr...." and insert the bride's last name. You can have the T-shirt printed at a novelty store. Another option is to have a picture of the bride placed on a T-shirt.

A Tool Belt

Create a tool belt full of things that he will need to help his wife with the housework. Include a spatula, cooking spray and recipe cards for those nights he cooks his wife dinner. A toilet brush, cleaning spray and a feather duster to help clean the house. A travel-size bottle of laundry detergent for helping with the laundry. His wife will surely appreciate your attempts of having her husband help out around the house.