Grilled Red Potatoes in Foil

by Michelle Hogan ; Updated September 28, 2017

Coat red potatoes in a marinade or ranch dressing for a simple, full-flavored dish.

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Grilled red potatoes in foil are a delightful addition to any meal -- or a meal all by themselves. The potatoes cook perfectly inside the foil packet, getting crispy and full of flavor as they roast. The key to grilling red potatoes in foil is to season them well and layer them evenly in the foil to minimize scorching.


Grilled red potatoes in foil can be as simple as just putting red potatoes in a foil packet and throwing it on the grill, but for extra flavor and ease of serving, add a few other things. Use one potato per person as a base for serving size. Olive oil or melted butter will not only enhance the flavor and cooking process of your potatoes, but will keep them from sticking to the foil when you take them out. Season diced potatoes with salt and pepper before placing them in the foil.


Preheat your grill. Clean the red potatoes and cut them into bite sized pieces. Spray a piece of foil about 1 foot in length with cooking spray or brush it with olive oil or melted butter. Season the potatoes with salt and pepper as well as any other herbs or spices you prefer, and place them in the center of the foil piece, spreading them out to about an inch from the edges for even cooking. Add any other ingredients you intend to place in the packet. Spray or coat another piece of foil with oil or cooking spray and place it, greased side down, on top of the potatoes. Fold all of the edges over several times to seal in the potatoes.


Flavor your potatoes in a variety of ways. Add sliced onions, whole cloves of chopped garlic, peppers or mushrooms. Even shrimp or small, bite-sized pieces of meat like chicken or steak can be added. Bathe potatoes in a marinade or ranch dressing to fill them with flavor as they cook. Herbs like rosemary or dill add interesting flavor to the potatoes. Those who like spice can add hot pepper flakes or cayenne to the mixture.


A good pair of tongs is necessary when grilling a foil packet. Two are even better, especially if your foil packet is large. Once the grill is hot, place the tightly wrapped potatoes directly over the heat and put the lid on the grill. If you want them all to be on the crispier side, flip the packet after cooking for 15 to 20 minutes. The first time you try this method of cooking, you may want to check the potatoes after 20 minutes or so. Do this by taking the packet off the grill, and opening it with the tongs. Use a fork to check the tenderness of the potatoes. Potatoes can be just done, sliding off a fork, or crispy, depending on your tastes. Potatoes in foil usually need about 40 minutes to cook, but may take a little less or a little more time depending on your tastes and heat source.

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