Great Questions to Ask Women on First Dates

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The first date jitters are capable of rendering even the most confident of men silent. Sitting across from a beautiful woman you are interested in but don’t yet really know can make it difficult to come up with the words to keep a conversation going. Having a list of questions in mind to ask during those first few hours together might help to stimulate deeper discussions and ease some of your own anxiety.

Friends and Family

By finding out about the people your date values and why, you can learn a lot about her core principles and beliefs as well explains relationship expert Gilda Carle, author of “Don’t Bet on the Prince!” For instance, you might learn that the way to her heart is having a comedic outlook on life simply by asking her to tell you about her favorite person. Ask what kind of activities she enjoys doing with her group of friends and how often they get together. Pose questions about how close she is to her family. Learn more about her outlook on love and marriage by asking what she has learned from her own parent’s relationship.


Look for interests the two of you may have in common by asking about the things your date likes to do for fun. Does she enjoy painting and music, or is she more active and outdoorsy? Does she like going to sporting events, and is there a team she prefers to root for? What is she most likely to be doing on a Sunday afternoon? You should even ask if she has read any good books lately, as this will give you some insight into her interests according to dating website


Get your date excited by asking her about the places she has been and places she still wants to see. Does she like to stay in five-star resorts while on vacation, or is she more comfortable backpacking and sleeping in a tent? Find out where she would go if money were no object, and what she would want to do while there. Not only are these types of questions fun to answer, but also they can also reveal whether you and your date would be compatible travelers according to psychologist Alice Boyes. You could find out that you both have a fondness for foreign travel and seeing places you have never been.


Ask your date what kind of causes she finds herself drawn towards supporting and what topics she could spend hours talking about. Does she do any volunteer work, or spend her free time devoted to some other kind of passion project? If she could do anything for a living, what would she want to be? Asking questions like this can help your date to open up and share important details about herself with you. It will also give you an indication of how strongly she feels about certain subjects explains Boyes.