Great Potluck Ideas

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A potluck dinner is a dinner where guests bring food and beverages from their home to share with others. If you are planning a potluck dinner, you might need a few new ideas to spice up the occasion. A good potluck takes planning and coordination. Without proper planning, a component of the meal might be duplicated or left out.

Careful Planning

Careful planning is crucial for a potluck. Make a list that includes appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, breads and beverages. If the potluck is for an office, church or other centralized location, hang the list where everyone can see it and sign up for what they want to bring. Send out an email or snail-mail message and invite everyone to sign up to bring something. If you do not have enough plates or eating utensils, add that on your list also. Check the list often to make sure people are signing up and that no two items are duplicated.

A Themed Potluck

A themed potluck can be fun to plan and to have. Your themed potluck can be based on an upcoming holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Easter. You can also have a country’s or continent's cuisine become the theme of a potluck. For example, if you plan to make Europe your theme, you can ask people to bring a food from each country. You could have crepes from France or kidney pie from England. Decorate to match your theme. If you choose a food from a certain country, use that country's flag or other knickknacks that will complement the meal.

Wine and Cheese Potluck

A wine and cheese potluck is just what it sounds like. Everyone that you invite should bring some cheese and a wine that compliments it. When you are planning a wine and cheese potluck, make sure that the sign up list has the cheeses you want brought listed. You might have several categories of cheese under dry, sharp, creamy and pungent. For your wine categories, the basic white, red, dry and sweet categories should do if your guests are wine savvy. If you feel that they might lack knowledge about wine, you can list the wine by name. Make sure you have several different kinds of crackers for the cheese, and a nice bowl of grapes or other fruit would complement the potluck nicely.

Breakfast Potluck

Most potlucks are scheduled around lunch or dinner, but what about a breakfast food potluck. Instead of the traditional potlucks of stews, chilis and salads, have people bring in egg dishes, breakfast meats and breads. If you plan this sort of potluck, make sure that you use a planning or sign-up sheet. Too many egg dishes of the same variety could be overwhelming for your guests. Make sure that you have plenty of breakfast beverages on hand also; orange juice, milk and vegetable juice should be available. If your guests bring bread, make sure that you have a couple of toasters handy for those who like their bread toasted.