Great Places to Renew Your Wedding Vows

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Many couples renew their wedding vows. Whether they are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary, rebuilding their lives after a major change, such as their kids leaving the nest, or just celebrating their marriage, recommitting to marriage vows can be a romantic and loving gesture. Some couples choose to have a renewal with guests, while other couples choose to renew privately. The following are some beautiful places in which to have a renewal ceremony.

Key West

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Key West is the last island in the Florida Keys at the southernmost point in the United States. Key West has a laid back, anything goes vibe and has long been the home of bohemians, artists and writers. There are many options for a Key West renewal ceremony, like a ceremony at sea on a tall sailing ship or catamaran or getting married at Ernest Hemingway's house by a Hemingway-look-alike as officiant.

Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has long been known for bright lights, showgirls, gambling and quickie weddings. While some people may shy away from a Vegas wedding for the first time, a vow renewal can be more casual and fun. Las Vegas has limitless options for a vow renewal -- you could go traditional and elegant at one of the upscale casino chapels, like the Wynn Las Vegas, or get married by Elvis at the Little Chapel.


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One of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for crystal blue waters, swaying palm trees, reggae music and friendly people. Many resorts in Jamaica, especially the all-inclusive resorts, offer one-price vow renewal packages. Proof of your marriage license is required by the officiant before the ceremony.

At Sea

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Though most cruise lines do not perform weddings at sea, they do perform vow renewal ceremonies. Check with your cruise line for special packages that include such perks as champagne toast, photos, dinner for two or breakfast-in-bed.