Great Gift Ideas for a One Year Marriage Anniversary

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Finding a gift that is special enough for your first anniversary can seem impossible, but there's no need to stress about it. After all, if anyone knows how to make your sweetie happy, you do. While jewelry, electronic devices and fine clothes are nice, there are other creative ways to show your spouse just how much you care on your first wedding anniversary.

A Romantic Getaway

A perfect gift to commemorate a special day is a romantic getaway where you can create new memories while celebrating your anniversary. Plan a second honeymoon or just a weekend trip. If traveling isn't a possibility, you can plan a "staycation" by renting a hotel room in your city or visiting tourist attractions in your own town. You can also plan a day trip to a nearby town, beach or state park where you can escape your daily routine and fully enjoy each other's company.

A Paper Gift

Paper is the traditional gift for first year anniversaries and represents strength. There are many paper gifts that you can give your spouse that are symbolic of this tradition. Write a love letter thanking your sweetie for the first year you shared as a married couple. You can have the letter framed so that he can hang it. Another great idea is to create a coupon book where you provide vouchers for activities, favors or chores. Tickets to a concert, show or movie are also great paper gifts that will allow you to share an activity together.

Memories of Your First Year

Show your spouse how much you enjoyed sharing the past year with him by giving him a gift that commemorates your memories together. Create a scrapbook with pictures of the both of you from the past year. You can also have a picture calendar printed where you mark special moments, events and memories. Another option, if you have some technical skills, is to create a multimedia presentation that includes moments from your wedding as well as your first year. Alternatively, if you saved mementos of special moments, such as tickets, invitations or dried flowers, you can create a special "memory box" to give to your spouse.

A Gourmet Meal

A great way to celebrate your anniversary is by planning a very private and gourmet meal for your spouse. You can plan to have the meal at your home or a place where it's just the two of you. Cook a special dinner with his favorite foods or have it specially catered. Decorate the table with candles and flowers to create a romantic mood. A gourmet dinner is a special treat that will allow both of you to celebrate together in a private and romantic setting.