Great Date Ideas for My Girlfriend's 21st Birthday

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In American culture, the 21st birthday tradition is to take someone out to bars and clubs where they are finally able to get legally wasted on alcohol. But you're not a "typical" boyfriend and you want to show your girl how special she is by planning a unique date that defies cultural standards. Make this a birthday to remember by planning a unique date that is romantic to boot.

Spontaneous Picnic

Have a few good friends stake out a secluded and romantic location -- an empty beach, a grassy knoll, a sun-dappled clearing in the woods. After setting a table with two chairs and an elegant tablecloth, they ditch the scene before you arrive. Bring a cooler or picnic basket packed with her favorite foods and a bottle of wine. You may even hire a waiter to refill your glasses, or a concert violinist to serenade you.

Twenty-One Reasons

Cut 21 hearts out of red or pink construction paper. On each, write one thing that you love or admire about her. Example: "I love how compassionate you are with animals." "I love your taste in music." Leave these hearts in locations around your city or town -- under the park bench where you first met, with the bouncer at her favorite club, inside a book at her favorite bookstore. Then accompany her on a scavenger hunt to collect the hearts. The final heart should be discovered someplace fun or significant to you both.

Hit the Town

Buy tickets to an event she will love. Even if you don't enjoy the ballet, opera or basketball, remember that it is all about her tonight. Rather than tell her where you're going, tell her that it will be fancy and you will pick her up at her house. Show up in a limousine wearing a dashing tuxedo and you will knock her off her feet.

Serenade Her

Bring your girl out for open mic night at a local café or pub. Blow her away with a personalized birthday song. You don't have to be a great singer or even know how to play an instrument. If the thought of singing in front of an audience terrifies you, read a handwritten poem. She will be wowed by your confidence and thoughtfulness. After you've wiped off the sweat, sit back and enjoy the rest of the performers.