Graduation Gifts to Start a Post-College Life


Another summer has arrived, and with it comes a new class of graduates. Whether your bestie, your niece or your son has earned a diploma, this is your chance to help these college grads start off on the right foot. But how can they prepare for #adulting 101? These gifts can give them the confidence they need to enter the "real world" — whether it's an apron to wear as they learn how to cook, a planter to give their new apartment some style or a book rack to organize their favorite college page-turners. But you can also help them celebrate, too, with a summery hat and a few decorative dollar bills. Either way, this is their time to shine.

Fancy Straw Hat for That #BeachLife

Once upon a time, beer cozies and $2 sunglasses were the business, but now it's time to step it up a notch. Take your fave grad's beach game to a new, more fashionable level with this straw hat that all the bloggers are loving.

Beth Huntington

A Money Tree for That Indoor Garden

What goes great with financial wisdom? A little extra moola to get started. Rather than tuck a $20 into a card, try making your own money tree. Just be sure your grad understands that, no, money doesn't normally grow on trees.

Jonathan Fong

An Apron Made for Dinner Party Hosting

A large part of adult life, for good or bad, is about spending time in the kitchen. Whether entertaining friends or trying to throw together dinner after a long day at work, this apron will be your grad's perfect companion while they learn to master the art of cooking.

Beth Huntington

Not-Your-Average Book Rack

No more teachers, no more books all the books! For academic nostalgia or for navigating a career, books are always a good thing to keep around any new apartment. That's why this DIY book rack is so perfect. Pair with a book on life advice for a thoughtful, well-rounded present.

The HomeMade Modern Team

Blanket Ladder for Those Cozy Nights In

From Netflix nights in to keeping cozy through the winter (when heat isn't "budget friendly"), comfy throws are a mainstay of a well-kept apartment. What's the best way to keep them organized and easily accessible? This modern blanket ladder.

Hello Lidy

A Pretty and Practical Hanging Planter

Plants don't just clean the air or reduce stress, they also warm up any space. Give your grad the gift of greenery with this DIY hanging planter, which helps you fit multiple plants into one sleek-looking decor item.

Lucy Akins

A Simple Yet Comfortable Gratitude Pillow

Help keep your grad grounded with a lumbar gratitude pillow. Not only do throw pillows add a "I really thought about my home decor" vibe to any apartment, they can also be easily swapped out during spring and winter. Then again, gratitude is the kind of message that never goes out of season.

Rachel Pereira

An Oh-So-Adult Wooden Desk Organizer

From a home office to a corporate building, this desk organizer gives the allure of a graduate who is organized, stylish and experienced, no matter how new she is to the job.

Carrie Waller

A Fabulous Fabric Memo Board

Whether your grad has an at-home office or not, this fabric memo board is a great way to encourage them to throw away dingy posters. Try creating the board using your grad's favorite pattern or color scheme, and then print or purchase a few quotes to help get the inspiration flowing.

Bethany DeVore

An Art Piece to Encourage the Travel Bug

The world's a big place. And what better way to inspire your graduate to explore than with this DIY puzzle map that works as an eye-catching art piece? He'll be taking off to somewhere new before you know it.

Rachel Pereira