Graduation Gift Ideas for Softball Players

Russ Ensley/iStock/Getty Images

For the softball player in your life, graduation serves as an opportunity to put the school books away and spend more time on the diamond. Before she trades her graduation cap for a softball visor, show her that you're proud of her accomplishment by giving a thoughtful softball-related gift. Gift ideas can include new gear, something that helps develop her skills, an item that provides some entertainment away from the field or includes an experience related to her sport.

Equipment and Gear

A softball player's graduation is an ideal time to present her with new gear, particularly if she's going on to play in college. Suitable gift ideas include standard items such as a new glove, batting gloves, bat or pair of cleats. Less-conventional items include a personalized softball-themed baggage tag for the player to affix to her equipment duffle or a necklace pendant engraved with her uniform number. Many athletes are highly specific about their equipment, so provide a gift receipt alongside your gift to help the softball player exchange it, as needed.

Training and Development

A gift that helps the softball player improve her skills can translate into success on the diamond. Buy her a training book or DVD or a ticket to a softball workshop in your city. Training aids such as stretching bands and weighted softballs are also useful. If the player has graduated high school and plans to play softball in college, seek out a college-level player who can spend an afternoon working on fundamentals with the player at a local field.

Road Trip Survival

Competitive softball players spend long hours on the bus during road trips, and a selection of gifts can help to pass the time. Snacks such as seasoned sunflower seeds, trail mix and sports drinks are ideal to combine in a custom gift basket. Reading material, such as biographies of softball legends Dot Richardson or Jennie Finch, are favorable if the player enjoys reading. A gift card to help the player buy some TV shows, movies or video games for her table is also suitable.

Experiences to Remember

The promise of an experience-based gift gives the softball player a thrill during her graduation party and the ability to happily anticipate the event in the weeks and months ahead. Tickets to a National Pro Fastpitch game are ideal if you live near one of the league's four teams, while a visit to the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum is ideal if you're near its location in Oklahoma City. If the softball player enjoys baseball, too, buy her tickets to see the nearest pro team.