Graduation Announcement Ideas for Twins

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Twin children share every milestone growing up. Perhaps the last major event twins will reach together is their high school graduation. The main obstacle in twin graduation announcements is wording that reads like a wedding announcement because two names appear. Space also can be an issue because of the need to include two names. These problems are avoidable while still using one card and making both children feel special.

Traditional Announcement

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Traditional wording-only announcements will work fine as graduation announcements for twins as long as they don’t look like wedding announcements. Stay away from formal calligraphic fonts and ivory paper. Use paper and ink in the school’s colors. Avoid wording that starts with “Mr. and Mrs. Smith announce the graduation of...” Instead, start with, “Class of 2011" followed by the twins' names. Almost all card designs can be customized for twins.

Printed Photo Announcement

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Contemporary photo announcements are popular because no two cards are alike. Any card format that has two or more photo windows will work for twins. One child can appear in each window or use one window for a picture of the children together as babies and the other for a recent photo. There are styles that are appropriate for girl, boy and girl-boy twins. Photo announcements are available online and at drug stores and some party supply stores.

Design Your Own Announcement

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Your home computer can give you flexibility in creating a graduation announcement. Use your word processing program to write the announcement and a color ink cartridge in your printer to print them. Craft stores sell printer-friendly papers with matching envelopes that come in a rainbow of colors, textures and even embedded with sparkles. You can embellish the announcements with background papers, stick-on jewels, ribbons, stickers and stamped designs.

Design Your Own Photo Announcement

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Some craft and stationery stores and online companies sell blank photo insert cards. They come in many colors with openings for a 4-by-6-inch photo. Insert a photo of your twins and either hand write or print and paste the announcement wording inside. Customize the announcement by choosing a school color for the card. Cards can be embellished inside or outside with the twins’ names and graduation year.