Grade 8 Graduation Decorating Ideas

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Graduation from the 8th grade is an important milestone for kids, parents and family members. It marks the long-anticipated entry to high school and being a teen. When planning a graduation party, use ideas that have more teen-oriented than child-centered decorations to celebrate the transition. Use themed decorations and party items that celebrate and honor this event for the 8th grade graduate.

New School Colors

Find out what high school the graduates will be attending for a large party. Make balloon bouquets for tabletops and big balloon arches for graduates to enter through into the main room for the party to symbolize their entry into high school life. If graduates are going to different schools, use the colors of the middle school for the main archway, and use colors of the various high schools for table decorations. For a smaller party hosted at home for family and friends your job will be easier because you can just focus on the colors of the high school the graduate will attend. Get plates and table wear that also bear the new school colors. If the school has a mascot, get stuffed animals or pictures of the mascot to decorate food tables. You can also make a life-size cutout of the mascot for the party room.

High School Sports

If the graduate is an avid sports fan or aspiring sports player, marching band or cheerleader, create a graduation theme around the team of the high school they will attend. Get news clippings and pictures of the sports stars and blow them up to use as table decorations and posters on the walls. Decorate the room in the high school colors decorate tables. If the school does not have a sports team, you can use college or professional teams that the student favors.

Mardi Gras Theme

Host a Mardi Gras theme graduation party to celebrate. Use traditional purple and green colors or choose colors that represent the high school the graduate will attend. Buy beads and feather masks for the guests and place them on tables as decorative items. Add extra glitter to the beads and masks for the guest of honor. Scatter beads on the main food table and serve Creole items such as Cajun chicken, seafood gumbo and jambalaya to complement the New Orleans style Mardi Gras theme.

Asian Theme

Use an Asian theme as a basis for inspiration. Decorate the room with colorful lanterns and Asian symbols. Make place mats that with the year’s symbol from the Chinese zodiac. Serve Asian foods and decorate the serving table with colors like jade and cinnabar red. Get carryout style containers filled with fortune cookies for party favors. Create a special label with the graduate’s name and graduation year. You can also use Asian-style type fonts to create a banner with the graduate’s name and wishes of luck and fortune as they enter high school.