Goody Bag Ideas for a Boy's Football Party

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Many young boys dream of playing football for their high school or even professionally, and they enjoy watching their favorite local or professional team play the game on TV. Hosting a themed football party allows boys of varying ages to celebrate their love of the sport. Decorate and serve food in a way that demonstrates your theme and enhances your event by creating a personalized goody bag to present to guests.


Choose either a gift bag or make your own cellophane bag to hold your football goodies. Decorate a gift bag in a way that fits your football theme and use football-themed stickers placed on the front of the sack. Personalize the bag further by writing the recipient's name or a message such as "Go Tigers." Use cellophane or clear plastic bags decorated with stickers as a container for your goody bag. In the alternative, buy miniature football helmets and fill them with goodies.

Personalized Gift Tags

Create personalized gift tags and attach them to your goody bag. Cut football-shaped tags out of brown construction paper or poster board. Add the strings of the ball using white paint. Write the name of the recipient on the tag and attach it your gift bag using a decorative ribbon. Use a masculine ribbon to ensure the boys at the party will appreciate the gift tags. If you budget allows, buy luggage tags and print the boys' names on the tag along with the name of their school mascot. They can attach it to backpacks or gym bags.

Candies and Novelties

Fill your goody bag with a variety of football-themed candy and novelties. Select candy that coordinates with the colors of your favorite team, or, if you do not have a favorite team, choose green and white candy to represent the colors of a football field. You might also include chocolates wrapped like footballs. Purchase inexpensive football-themed novelties in bulk from a party store such as erasers to mix in with your candy. For one special boy at the party, make a goody bag with a real football or player trading cards included. Award this to the guest who wins a football-themed competition such as a throwing or catching contest.

Baked Goods

Create a football goody bag filled with homemade goods. Bake a batch of sugar cookies using your favorite recipe or store-bought mix. Use a cookie cutter to cut out football-themed shapes such as helmets or other equipment. Include a single brownie covered in green icing with white piping gel to mimic a football field. If you wish, include the making of this goody bag this as an activity at your party and allow boys to decorate their own cookies with their favorite football team's logo or the name and number of their favorite player.