Good Places to Take a Guy Friend

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You love hanging out with your Y-chromosome pals, but chances are, your male buddy won’t be interested in hitting the salon for a mani-pedi or accompanying you on your town’s annual “Garden and Homes” tour. Put yourself in a guy’s shoes for a bit -- be they rugged hiking boots or the latest trainers -- and you’ll come up with the perfect place to hang out.

Outdoor Places

Modern man is discontent because he has lost touch with the outdoors, according to the article, "45 Manly Hobbies," on The Art of Manliness website. Get your friend in touch with his innate desire to skip rocks over the surface of a pond or play Frisbee golf by choosing a pleasant day to hang out and then driving to a park or other outdoor recreation area. Think about taking him to check out your favorite off-the-beaten-path swimming hole or fishing spot. Take along a cooler with refreshments.

Musical Places

Find out if there’s a jazz or reggae festival in town, and make plans to hang out with your buddy. You’ll both listen to tunes while eating corn dogs and drinking beer. Browse the bins of a record store if your town has one. This activity will send you both back to the past while giving you plenty to talk about as you share memories of the last time you heard Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Or find an indie band gig at a hole-in-the-wall bar and make plans to stop by for a while. To find out who’s in town, download an app such as Timbre or BandMate, both of which can help you find out where your favorite artists are performing.

Kid Places

Bring out the boy in your man friend by taking him to an arcade where he can enjoy playing a retro game of Pac-Man or outrace an opponent on a motorcycle speedway. Toy stores, comic book emporiums and pizza joints are other places that might bring out his inner child while the two of you have fun. If you don’t want to spend any money, hit up a park, where you can catch up.

Delectable and Delicious Places

You can’t go wrong taking a male friend to a place – any place – where there will be good eats. Stop by the farmer’s market on a Saturday and have fun sampling goat cheese and local apples. Go check out the new restaurant that is serving hot dogs made of elk meat. Hit up the restaurant that offers 25 cent oysters during happy hour. Alternatively, you could simply invite him to your house. Preparing the best stir-fry ever can become a joint effort.