Good Party Ideas for Third Graders for a Birthday

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It can be a lot of fun throwing a birthday party for a third grader, especially since they get so excited about certain interests or hobbies. The best birthday theme is one that directly reflects your child's main interest, whether you are throwing the party at home or a children's restaurant. Some good party ideas for third graders include WWE wrestling, beach, glamour or pajama themes.

WWE Wrestling Party

Both girls and boys enjoy watching WWE wrestling, and many will know the wrestlers. If your third grader is a big wrestling fan, throw a WWE wrestling party. Invite all your child's friends to dress up like their favorite wrestler. Arrange a half dozen games for the children to play, such as hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey or Twister. Award championship belts to all the kids for their efforts.

Beach Party

A beach party can be a favorite for nearly any third grader. Take the kids to a local water park or throw the party at the beach if you live near one. Otherwise, have the party poolside with lots of beach balls, floats and sunscreen. One party game is to have a relay race in which everyone carries a jelly bean across the pool with a spoon. Another idea is a fishing competition in which kids can use nets or toy fishing rods to catch floating fish, according to Buy some little sailboats and let the kids race them.

Glamour Party

If your 8-year-old girl likes to dress up, throw a glamour party for her and her friends. There are many ideas for games and dressing up. One idea includes having a competition to see which girl creates the best costume. Use some of your old dresses or buy some cheaply at a used clothing store. Throw in some high heel shoes, costume jewelry, lipstick and eye makeup. You can also purchase or make bracelets or head pieces. Allow the girls to walk up the runway and show off their outfits. Take an instant picture of each girl and then take one of them all together. Award a prize for the best costume.

Pajama Party

Both girls and boys will enjoy a pajama party. If the weather is warm, allow the kids to camp out in the back yard. Pitch some tents if you have them or drape a plastic covering over a picnic table and bench. Consider sleeping outside yourself for the safety of the children. Long before bedtime, let the kids play their favorite games. Order pizza for dinner or have fast food delivered.