How to Be a Good Girlfriend and Partner

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Romantic relationships can cause anxiety for people who want to be the perfect mate. The fact is, no one is perfect - but that doesn't mean your partner won't appreciate that you are secure enough to give him some personal space or caring enough to be supportive of him. Your partner may also value certain principles that you demonstrate in the relationship, such as honesty and responsibility. Approaching a relationship with authenticity and sincerity lays a solid foundation for being a good partner.

Be Supportive

A good partner is there when the significant other needs support. Clinical psychologist, licensed private investigator and author Joni E. Johnston reports in Psychology Today that there are four different types of support a partner can offer. Your partner may need emotional support when going through difficult times, and informational support, or advice, when he requests it. If you want to encourage his independent business endeavors, then you're offering him esteem support, while helping your partner brainstorm ideas for a new business is a form of tangible support.

Give Him Space

Each relationship is different - you and your partner will have to decide how much time to spend together and apart, says Suzanne Fremont, Ph.D., at the University of Texas at Austin Counseling and Mental Health Center. Time spent engaged in separate activities is healthy for individual growth and allows the two of you to return to your relationship with new experiences to share with one another, notes licensed clinical social worker Maud Purcell with Psych Central.

Appreciate Humor

Professionals at Helpguide say that humor plays a significant role in healthy relationships because it provides couples with energy boosts, relieves tension and stress and fosters intimacy. Humor in a relationship also helps couples navigate better through conflicts, which are inevitable. Bring a sense of humor to the relationship: try to make your partner laugh when he may be taking things a bit too seriously.

Make Him Feel Useful

All people appreciate feeling useful and necessary. Licensed psychologist Shawn Smith conducted an online survey that asked men what they love about women. One respondent said, "We love to help you! We really do. That's what makes us trust our manly worthiness. Your wishes are our commands. We love when you depend on us." Although no one will dispute your ability to provide for your own needs, such as cleaning your car or making household repairs, allow your partner to help you by asking for his assistance with these kinds of tasks.