Good Gifts for Ten-Year-Old Girls

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Young children go giddy over toys when they see them on TV or at friends' houses -- but by the time they're 10 years old, girls may start being less expressive about what they want. That makes gift-giving tricky for adults. Fortunately, by considering your 10-year-old's personality and thinking fun, you can find a present that appeals to your girl's interests. And who knows -- you might even induce a bout of giddy excitement in her, just like old times.

Games and Puzzles

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Though she's probably outgrown her blocks and other childish toys, she may love a challenging board game or puzzle. Give her a classic like Clue or Monopoly, and make the moment special by sitting down and playing with her -- even if she wants to keep playing for hours. Meanwhile, a puzzle can keep her occupied solo, though the whole family can jump in and participate when they have time. If she loves being outdoors, try an energetic game for the backyard.

Girlie Gifts

Make your 10-year-old feel like a lady with a growing-up, feminine gift. She may be curious about her blooming femininity -- and that means makeup and jewelry are high on her list of interests. Rather than pick out everything for her, give her a jewelry kit or friendship bracelet kit, or find a starter's makeup kit with lots of color options. These types of kits will keep her busy, help her develop a new skill and let her experiment with her look.


If your 10-year-old loves to read, a new book can pique her interest and keep her entertained for hours. She doesn't even have to know that this is an educational gift. Pick out the latest book of a series she adores or give her a set of Nancy Drew books. Good Housekeeping recommends "The Daring Book for Girls" by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz for cartwheel tips and other fun. To add significance to the occasion, dig out an old hardcover book that you loved as a child -- or find a copy at the store -- and tell her you're passing on a part of your childhood to her.

Practical Gifts

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If you notice the 10-year-old in your life is in desperate need of something -- from throw pillows to school notebooks -- buy them for her with a dash of style thrown in. Good Housekeeping recommends music-themed throw pillows in the shapes of guitars and keyboards. Alternatively, surprise her with a sophisticated new backpack or funky pink rain boots. Just make sure they suit her personality, and give her a chance to customize her items whenever possible. This will make her feel more grown up and give her a chance to showcase her individuality.