Good Gifts for a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl

Darrin Klimek/Lifesize/Getty Images

Turning 13 is an exciting step for a girl. Now that she is a teenager, she wants to feel more grown up, a possibly terrifying idea for the parents who now have to brace themselves for the rebellious teenage years. Still, 13 is a milestone that should be celebrated in an extra special way.

Shopping Gifts

For the girl who loves to shop, give her a gift card to her favorite store. Go with her to help select stylish, but age-appropriate choices. Another idea for the girl who loves the mall would be a gift of a fun shopping experience with her friends. You could take the birthday girl and a few of her friends on a shopping trip to a nearby big city and treat them to do a day of shopping, dining out and manicures.

Sport or Hobby Gifts

For the 13-year-old girl who is into sports, give her a cool gift that relates to the sport, such as a personalized equipment bag with her name and jersey number on it. You could also give her a gift of tickets to see her favorite sports team play. If she loves going to the movies, give her several movie passes, or concession stand gift certificates that she can use with her friends.

Music Related Gifts

Surprise your teen with tickets to her favorite band's concert. Only choose this gift if you feel that the band or the singer is age-appropriate. Take her and a few of her closest friends to share the experience. If possible, see if you can get backstage passes. If you can't afford concert tickets, purchase a fan club membership for the teen and give her a huge poster that she can put up on her wall.

Gadget Gifts

Teens like to say they have the coolest and latest electronic item, such as mp3 players, video games and cell phones. If the new teen has been begging for a phone or that laptop that does "everything," she will be thrilled to receive that gift on her 13th birthday. Use your discretion and consider the maturity level of the teen before purchasing any high-tech gift. You could also give her accessories if she already has the gadget she wants. You could give her new headphones, new video games, an extra controller or a travel bag to pack the item and all its accessories.