Good Dresses for Pale-Skinned Girls


0:05 hi my name is Henry picado I'm the

0:07 creative director of jazz collections

0:08 today we're gonna talk about dresses for

0:11 pale skins what is the perfect color for

0:13 a pale skin person I think jewel tones

0:16 is definitely by far the best way to go

0:18 I will say definitely away from anything

0:20 that has tones of yellows because that

0:23 brings a lot of yellow tones into your

0:24 skin definitely need to be far away pale

0:27 colors likewise it usually very hard for

0:30 prom neutrals not not such a good idea I

0:34 definitely recommend jewel tones like

0:36 Sapphire Reds Burgundy's navies amethyst

0:42 colors like that really rich saturated

0:44 colors because it complements it brings

0:46 all the Pink's new tones into your skin

0:48 I highly recommend like colored stones

0:51 like that this is my berry color which

0:54 is really really beautiful color Navy

0:55 and even coral coral says spectacular

0:58 color because again you have light skin

1:00 whether you're a blonde or brunette it

1:02 just enhanced your skin tone your

1:05 friends are really nice it'd be a way

1:06 for the yellow color is my highly

1:09 recommend college to be eliminate other

1:11 less thank you for watching I'm Henry

1:13 picado

1:14 I hope you like my suggestions