What Is a Good Anniversary Gift for My Husband?

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Whether you and your husband are celebrating your first or your 35th wedding anniversary, giving him a gift can remind him of your love and commitment. Depending upon your budget and his interests, there are an endless amount of options from which to choose. Any number of gift ideas will help to honor the occasion.


If your husband is more of a traditionalist, then selecting a classic, timeless gift is a good option. Ideas include a new watch, a leather wallet or engraved cuff links. If he has particular interests such as golfing, he might like a new golf bag or to have his clubs monogrammed with silver links.


If you're hoping to give your husband a present to remember, but don't have a lot of money to spend, utilize your own skills and talents. If you love to cook, step it up a notch and make a romantic dinner for him. Prepare a menu, complete with an appetizer, main and side dishes, and a decadent dessert. Set your dining table with cloth napkins, special dinnerware and candles. If you have children, arrange for a friend or relative to take them for the evening or overnight.


An adventure-seeking husband may enjoy the gift of an afternoon spent rock climbing, or a weekend kayaking trip with you. When choosing an adventurous gift for him, consider his social aptitude, if he prefers independent or group activities, and also any previous experience he might have with the sport or activity.

Recreate Your First Date

Women in general tend to be more skilled when it comes to remembering specifics of the past. By recreating one of the more memorable dates you and your husband had in the beginning of your relationship, you're giving him the gift of memory. Additionally this kind of gift can help to remind him of the events that brought the two of your together in the first place.