Godzilla Cake Ideas

Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Godzilla -- the huge, lizard-like monster that starred in several now-classic science fiction movies -- is a favorite of many children. When your child requests a Godzilla-theme birthday cake, don't worry -- using any of several techniques, you can satisfy him without spending a fortune at a bakery. Find a technique that is appropriate for your skill level and have fun making your child's Godzilla cake.

Shaped Cake

Skilled cake decorators may be up to the challenge of sculpting a cake in the shape of Godzilla. Build it using stacked cakes and crispy rice cereal treats. Use butter cream to hold everything together. Once the cake and treats have been sculpted, cover the entire shape in butter cream and let dry. Add colored butter cream icing to create Godzilla's features.

Frozen Butter Cream Transfer

Intermediate cake decorators may want to use the frozen butter cream transfer technique to apply Godzilla to a cake. Bake a sheet cake and ice it with white butter cream icing. Find a simple Godzilla image and print it out using the mirror image function of a computer graphics program. Tape a piece of wax paper over the image. Pipe butter cream icing outlining the image. Fill in the details of Godzilla, first piping the details that will be at the top of the image, such as the dots on the eyes followed by the whites of the eyes. Once all the details have been completed, smooth the image with butter cream. Freeze the image. Once it's completely frozen, remove the wax paper and apply the transfer to your sheet cake.

Sculpted Fondant Character

Intermediate cake decorators may wish to decorate a Godzilla-theme birthday cake with a sculpted fondant Godzilla. Use tinted fondant to sculpt a Godzilla character. Place the Godzilla on top of a stacked square cake. Decorate the sides of the square cakes using fondant that you cut out in the shape of buildings so that it resembles a flat skyline raised above the sides of the cake. When your cake is complete, it will look as if Godzilla is stomping on a bunch of buildings.

Edible Image

Beginning bakers will find that making a cake using an edible image is easy and fun. Order an edible image online by uploading the Godzilla picture you would like on your cake. A sheet of sugar printed with your image will arrive in the mail. Bake a sheet cake and ice it with plain white butter cream icing. Remove the backing from the edible image and center the image on the cake. Smooth the edges with your fingertips.