What Do You Give Your Wife for Her 30th Birthday Present?

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You don't need 30 different ways to say that you love your wife. You've got that down pat. But what you wouldn't give for a few creative ideas to mark her 30th birthday. You want more than a gift that expresses your love and affection. You'd also like a gift that celebrates what is undeniably a milestone birthday – as are most birthdays that end in “0” or “5.” Consider these four ideas to help your wife bid “adieu” to her 20s and welcome her 30s, knowing that she has the very best gift of all: you.

The gift: A “year you were born” board

Why she'll find 30 reasons to love it: Your wife is just now old enough to begin reminiscing and feel nostalgic about the past without mourning it. “Year you were born” boards often cover the basics: the price of a gallon of gas, a gallon of milk and that commodity known as a postage stamp. They also list all the “top” attractions of the year: the top song, TV shows, movies, celebrities and news stories. Unless you were born in the same year, you might even give your wife a gift idea for your next milestone birthday, so you can display the boards, side by side, in your home for everyone to read and enjoy.

The gift: An instant, portable printer

Why she'll find 30 reasons to love it: Like practically everybody else in the digital world, your wife probably has scores of photos stored on her smartphone. But she's also old enough to remember photo albums that contained pictures that were developed at drug and convenience stores. Imagine her delight when she sees how you've bridged this technological gap with a “smartphone printer” that will allow her to make wallet-size prints in seconds. Add to her enjoyment by finding a printer that will allow her to crop, edit, apply filters and add text – so she can print more pictures of you.

The gift: A makeup table

Why she'll find 30 reasons to love it: If your wife doesn't have a makeup table by her 30th birthday, it's time to make her long-ago dreams come true. Unless you grew up with sisters around, you may not know that most little girls dream of owning a makeup table when they grow up. And many girls vow to buy one when they grow up. But not every girl actually follows through. Even if you think you know the reason – such as a lack of room to accommodate the table – don't believe it. Find the room. Your wife may not actually sit at the table, but she will use it to store her makeup collection and display her favorite lotions, fragrances and nail polishes. A makeup table is the quintessentially coming-of-age gift for the favorite girl in your life.

The gift: A birthstone pendant

Why she'll find 30 reasons to love it: You wouldn't be in touch with your wife's primal needs if your thoughts didn't turn to jewelry. A 30th birthday pendant will ensure that it never becomes confused with any other necklace you buy for her since it often features a teardrop (in her birthstone) surrounded by three rings, each representing one decade. Of course, everyone else who admires it will know that someone special bought it for her – and they will be right.