What Do You Give Your Wife for Her 30th Birthday Present?

by Wannikki Taylor
Give her a birthday gift that she will still be talking about years from now.

Give her a birthday gift that she will still be talking about years from now.

Whether she likes it or not, the love of your life will soon turn 30. Along with planning a birthday celebration, give her meaningful gifts that will not only celebrate her milestone but also reflect her personality. Several types of gifts can make her special day memorable.

Nostalgia Items

Gifts that commemorate the year your wife was born and pertain to her interests and hobbies can be fitting choices. For a movie-buff wife, consider DVDs of movies released during her birth year. A wife who enjoys listening to music will appreciate a greatest hits CD from her birth year. Warm her heart with inner-child gifts. Consider a vintage toy or doll released in her birth year. Nostalgic candy is another option. Candy from childhood is also a great way to make celebrating the big 3-0 sweeter.

30 Gifts

Celebrate your wife's birthday by giving her a number of gifts to signify her age. Present her with 30 gifts for 30 years of her life. Consider an item she really adores as a gift option. Think 30 pairs of new footwear if she loves shoes or 30 new books if she enjoys reading. Alternatively, give her 30 individual gifts as a countdown. Each day for the 30 days leading up to her birthday, she will receive a different gift to unwrap. Start with a small gift on the first day and end with a large gift on her birthday, such as a tablet computer.

The Gift of Experience

Allow your wife to mark her 30th year with an unforgettable experience that she can remember not just for one day but for a lifetime. Experiential gifts help people build new memories and give them good stories to tell later, explains psychologist Ryan T. Howell, writing for the Psychology Today website. Surprise her with an outing and let it serve as her birthday present. Perhaps a hot air balloon ride is on her bucket list, or she repeatedly talks about seeing her favorite band. Maybe she wishes to explore a foreign country. Surprise her with airplane or hotel tickets to the destination inside a gift box.

Birthday Jewelry

Custom jewelry gifts can serve as a fitting keepsake for your wife's 30th birthday or as something she can wear all year long. Keep in mind the types of jewelry she usually wears when deciding on a gift. Give her a gold or sterling silver birthstone necklace with an engraved 30th birthday message from you. Another option is a bracelet with a 30th birthday charm and a birthday cake or cupcake charm. If your wife is not the jewelry type, consider giving her a silver compact mirror that can be stored in her purse or makeup bag, engraved with a birthday message from you: "Still Looking Fab at 30."

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