Gifts for Mothers of Sons Who Have Passed Away

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Honor the memory of a friend or family member with long-lasting gifts for mothers of sons who have passed away. Increasing numbers of funeral announcements include "please omit flowers" or "in lieu of flowers" requests; so instead of flowers or wreaths, which soon fade, consider giving her an item which will bring joy over many months or even years.

Rosemary Wreath Gift

A rosemary wreath is a suitable gift for mothers of sons who have passed away. This herb was considered by the Romans to be a symbol of remembrance and love. Wreaths made from this herb are traditionally hung on front doors as a sign of mourning. They are not only decorative and pleasantly scented, but also have a therapeutic value. Essential oils of rosemary, properly known as rosmarinus officinalis, are present in this herb and one of the most popular oils used in the practice of aromatherapy. Rosemary was a favorite herb of the 16th century physician Paracelsus, who believed it to strengthen the body and mind. Its qualities include the ability to clear the mind and serve as a nerve tonic

Digital Photograph Frame Gift

Memories of a beloved son who has passed away are displayed at the touch of a button in a thoughtful digital photograph frame gift. Close members of the family who have access to scrapbooks and photograph albums can compile a special slide show using the frames' settings and editors or those installed on a laptop and transferred by a USB connection. Favorite music, written materials which are scanned and added to the slideshow, photographs of his memorial stone and short videos of tributes paid by friends and families are combined to produce a comforting keepsake. Models of digital photograph frames vary from complex to simple. Anyone who uses a portable phone understands the instructions on the most basic models. For the most suitable gift, match the frame to the mother's technical abilities.

Charitable Donation Commemoration Gift

A donation in the name of a son who has passed away is a useful and pleasing gift for a bereaved mother. Do some research into the son's interests and hobbies to choose a cause which truly represents the way he lived his life. To commemorate a son who enthusiastically recycled his trash and encouraged his family to buy products manufactured in ecologically-sustainable ways, consider donating to "green" causes. These include environmental non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations. For a son involved in mentoring other youngsters, donate to the local branch of an organization for aiding children in trouble. Other options include donations in the name of the deceased to his university, church or local sports team.

"Name a Star" Gift

Naming a star after the deceased gives a comforting gift to a mother whose son has passed away. Adopt a star from a non-profit organization and support scientific research at the same time. Companies who send 100 percent of the proceeds they receive from star adoption programs to projects such as the NASA launched Kepler satellite offer an inexpensive and touching gift idea for bereaved mothers.