Gifts From the Best Man to the Groom

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In the hours leading up to his wedding, a groom often gathers his best man and groomsmen to give them gifts that show his appreciation for their friendship and assistance with the wedding. This gift exchange doesn't have to be one-sided. As the best man, seize the moment to give the groom a special gift that represents your close bond.

Plan a Shared Experience

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Because you know the groom better than just about anyone, his wedding is an opportunity to give a gift suited to his interests. Although he'll soon be married, a gift that you can share together is an excuse to hang out in the future. If he's a sports fan, front-row tickets for his favorite team are an ideal present. If he's passionate about music, buy tickets for an upcoming concert or festival. For adventure seekers, passes for sky diving or whitewater rafting are suitable gifts.

Personal Items

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A wedding isn't the time to get the groom a new ball cap or CD; instead, focus on practical gifts that he'll use frequently. A watch is an ideal gift, depending on your budget, and he might even choose to wear it during the wedding. A money clip, cuff links or a tie clip are also suitable choices. To give a customized feel to items such as a watch or money clip, engrave the date, your names and a message such as "Thanks for being a good friend" on the item.

Think of the Honeymoon

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Think a day or two into the future about the groom's honeymoon, and choose a gift that he can use with his new wife. If they're headed somewhere in which swimming is part of the agenda, an underwater camera captures colorful memories. For an avid photographer, a new camera lens is also suitable. Travelers' checks aren't the most creative idea, but they come in handy during the honeymoon if you can't think of a specific gift.

Be Creative

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If you're on a budget or an extravagant gift isn't feasible, a homemade or heartfelt gift can help the groom celebrate the moment. At the least, buy him a wedding card and share a message about how you value your friendship. Recount a few notable adventures together and stress that even though he's getting married, you hope you'll continue to spend time together. If you're the creative type, a poem about your friendship or a small photo album of pictures won't break the bank.