Gifts for Women Who Just Had a Baby

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When a new baby arrives, sometimes all the attention goes to the baby and no one gives a lot of thought to what the mom might need. While a new mother typically appreciates diapers, toys and blankets for her child, she may also enjoy some gifts for herself. Whether this is her first journey into the world of motherhood or she's adding a new member to her brood, a mother deserves some gifts of her own.

A Little Pampering Goes a Long Way

A new mom is usually up at all hours and often exhausted. Gifts of relaxation and rest can mean a lot to her. Put together a basket of spa-related items that she can use at home. Lotions and bubble baths along with a soft robe and towels can be simple reminders to take time for herself. Go the extra mile and include a gift certificate to a spa.

Special Remembrances

Jewelry is always a nice sentimental touch for a new mom. A necklace, ring or bracelet with the gemstone of the month in which the child was born is a special remembrance. For something more modern, look for stamped or engraved pieces with the baby’s name or initials.

Useful but a Splurge

A tiny baby takes over much of a new mom's life. Embrace the change and give the mom items that she can use, but that still make her feel special. For example, give her a roomy designer handbag to replace her tiny purse so that she will look chic while carrying around the supplies that her little one needs. Or, buy her niche products, like as a baby food maker, which she might not buy for herself.


That new little baby will be growing and changing every day. Give the new mom a device or two to capture all those changes. A new camera can make a welcomed gift. Just make sure it’s easy to use so that the new mom can spend time enjoying the moment, not reading a manual. A video camera is another gift moms often love. Be sure that she can easily download the videos to her computer so she can share every first with friends and family.

The Intangibles

Some items precious to a new mom are without a price. Include a note in your card promising an afternoon or an evening of babysitting. Include a grocery store gift card so she can shop with more freedom, or a gift certificate to a restaurant so she can reconnect with her husband.