Gifts for Sobriety Anniversary

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For someone who has struggled with addiction, becoming and staying sober presents a formidable challenge. If someone near and dear to you has waged war with addiction and won, celebrating a passage of time staying sober is a wise and thoughtful thing to do as it shows him that he is not alone in his battle. To commemorate a sobriety anniversary, give a gift to symbolize that you are still with him as he continues along the sober path.

Charity Donation

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Many individuals who beat addiction do so not alone but with assistance. If your sober friend or loved one attained her current position with the support of a sobriety group, make your gift to her a contribution to this organization in her name. By making this thoughtful gift, you not only celebrate the person's success, but also allow others to find help attaining sobriety as well.

Butterfly Statue

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Some view their reaching sobriety as escaping from a cocoon of addiction or as the passage into a new chapter of life, making a butterfly present particularly appropriate for this celebration. Buy your sober friend or family member a statue featuring a butterfly that he can place in his office. If he enjoys spending time outdoors, get him a buttery statue or stepping stone for his garden space. To further personalize the present, have it engraved with a quote about rebirth or starting anew.

Sobriety Poem or Journal

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Present your friend or loved one with a literary gift by giving her a sobriety poem. Select a pre-written poem that pertains to this subject and buy a book containing it, or create a wall hanging by typing the poem and framing it for the recipient. If you are handy with a pen and a rhyme, compose your own sobriety poem, making the gift even more personal. A journal provides a place in which to record the days of his life since achieving sobriety. Buy him a monogrammed journal or have it embossed with the date on which he first reached sobriety.

Weekend Getaway

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In place of a tangible present, make your gift a mini-vacation. Pay for a weekend getaway for you and that person, or rent out a cabin and invite the whole family or group of friends. By surrounding the sober individual with friends and family on this special occasion, you can show her how much she has to stay sober for as well as how much support she has.

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