Gifts for Guys Turning 21

by K.C. Moore ; Updated September 28, 2017

Alcohol drink glasses and shooters are popular 21st birthday gifts.

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The legal drinking age in America is 21, which makes turning 21 a special occasion for most men. Other than an excuse to legally consume alcohol, a 21st birthday is also a rite of passage marking the complete transformation into adulthood. Such a special birthday deserves a special gift and while most gifts for guys turning 21 are related to alcohol, it is also important to recognize the other qualities associated with turning 21.

Alcohol Gifts

The most popular gift ideas for guys turning 21 are usually alcohol-related. The birthday boy will enjoy a nice bottle of wine, hard liquors or even a case of imported beer. Give him the accessories he never knew he needed like a martini mixer, bottle opener, ice bucket or set of shot glasses or tumblers. Many gift stores sell boxed kits for different types of drinking games. If you are low on cash, take him out to the bar and buy him a birthday drink.

Practical Gifts

At 21 years old, the guy in your life is starting to become more of an adult every day, so consider getting him a practical gift that he can use in his adult life. A new wallet, messenger bag or money clip is a classy way to mark the special occasion. Even if he has a cell phone to check the time, a new watch is a symbol of responsibility and adulthood. Chances are, the 21 year old in your life is a broke college student, so a gift of cash or gift cards would be appreciated.

Entertainment Gifts

Make his birthday fun with an entertaining gift. Media gifts such as DVDs, video games and books are always a sure hit if you know what his tastes are like. Guys also can't resist entertainment gadgets like MP3 players or ereaders. Tickets for a movie theater, rock concert or sporting event are always surefire hits with the 21 year olds. If he's a picky guy who is always changing what he likes from day to day, give him a gift card so he can pick out his own entertainment.

Experience Gifts

Most 21-year-old guys have a desire to get out and experience life, so give him a gift that will get him out into the world. Travel gifts allow him to have exciting life experiences and can range from plane tickets and new luggage to a gift set of travel-sized necessities. If he's a nature nut, sign him up for a survival wilderness experience or whitewater rapids trip. Experience gifts can be educational too, such as a cooking class for the guy who doesn't even know how to boil water.

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