Gifts for a 17 Year Anniversary

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If you and your sweetie are celebrating 17 years of marriage this year, there are a number of gifts you can make or purchase for each other that will make this year's anniversary one to remember. The traditional and modern gift selections are also numerous if you're purchasing a gift for a couple that have a 17th anniversary coming up.

Yellow Gifts

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Yellow is one of the colors traditionally associated with the 17th anniversary, and giving gifts in this color can be both upbeat and sophisticated. If you're presenting gifts to a couple who are celebrating a 17th anniversary, a bouquet of yellow roses is appropriate, as these flowers also represent friendship. Baking a yellow cake for the couple will make a tasty anniversary gift as well. Jewelry that features yellow diamonds, such as a necklace or diamond studs are ideal to present to a wife. Specialty items like a set of golf clubs or a small appliance (DVD player, PDA) in yellow may make great gifts for a husband. For an especially memorable gift, take a picture of you and your mate at your wedding or during your first date to a professional artist and have the image painted onto canvas; request that the artist add a gold or yellow background to the photo, or place it in a gold frame.

Turquoise Gifts

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Turquoise is the traditional British color of the 17th anniversary, and some couples prefer this color to yellow. Turquoise jewelry will make a wonderful gift for this anniversary -- brooches featuring turquoise stones or a set of cuff links are great "matching" presents for the couple. If you've planned a fancy dinner for your sweetie, it's also a good idea to present her with a formal dress in turquoise that she can wear to the event. A tie and pocket square set in turquoise make a sophisticated gift to present to a husband, along with a set of quality pens in the color. For a more sentimental gift, a scrapbook filled with memories that the two of you have shared over the past 17 years can be presented to your mate covered in turquoise satin or with turquoise page borders.

Furniture Gifts

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According to etiquette, furniture is the modern gift that is acceptable to give a couple who have been married 17 years. If you're choosing a gift for a couple, small home decor accents like a vase in yellow or turquoise is ideal, as well as throw pillows, throw blankets or decorative wall hangings in these colors. Pieces of furniture made from quality materials, such as a new dining room table made from mahogany or a lamp that features gold or fine crystal are great anniversary presents for the couple to present to each other. An antique furniture piece can make an ideal gift, especially if the item is a family heirloom or a furniture piece that your spouse has been wanting to collect.