Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

by Theresa Pickett

A preteen should receive a gift that supports her interests.

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Preteens typically think that they are too old to receive childish gifts. The gifts that a 10-year-old girl used to like, such as dolls and stuffed animals, might now seem unsophisticated. Purchase a thoughtful gift by listening to the girl speak about her interests. When the girl reveals her favorite hobby or activity, you have a hint that can help you buy the right gift.

Workshops and Classes

Sign the 10-year-old girl up for a workshop or a class, such as art classes with a well-known local painter. Other ideas for classes include creative writing, acting and modeling. Athletic classes, such as gymnastics and tennis, are beneficial for promoting the girl's health. Research the teacher by asking about credentials, such as education and awards. Enroll the girl in a class with the best local teacher that you can find.

Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription can support the interests of the girl as well as save her money on the store price. Some preteens who are interested in setting trends should appreciate a subscription to a teen beauty magazine. Listen to the interests of the girl to purchase the right magazine subscription. For instance, a girl who has professional aspirations might enjoy a magazine about entrepreneurship or business. A cooking magazine can educate a girl who is an amateur chef.

Gift Cards

While gift cards are typically for specific stores, you can also give a personalized gift card from a credit-card company. Some credit-card companies permit you to upload a photograph and personalize the card with the recipient's name. The gift card can be personalized with a short message as well. Another idea is to give a mall gift card that works at any store in the mall. A gift card is beneficial because it can teach the girl financial responsibility.


Ten-year-old girls typically enjoy receiving new clothes, especially if they think that their old clothes look too childlike. The clothes that you purchase should be appropriate for the girl's age. For instance, skirts should typically be no shorter than fingertip length. In addition, buy shirts that barely show the girl's clavicle. The items of clothing should look sophisticated but youthful at the same time. Another idea is to take the girl on a shopping spree so she can help pick out the items.

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