Gifts for 1 Year Birthday Twins

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While twins often grow up closer than typical siblings and share a very special bond, twins are still individuals and should be treated as such. In selecting appropriate birthday gifts for 1-year-old twins, it is preferable to choose items that are similar, yet not identical. For example, teddy bears are perfectly acceptable gifts for 1-year-old twins, provided they are of different styles or colors.

Age-appropriate toys

Young children enjoy colorful, tactile playthings they can safely touch, play with and put into their mouths. Appropriate birthday gifts for 1-year-old twins include stuffed plush animals, blankets, toys that make noise, such as maracas or xylophones, and toys they can push or pull as they continue to develop their walking skills.

Keepsake gifts

While 1-year-old twins quickly forget a book or toy they receive on their first birthday, a keepsake gift will be cherished for years to come. Appropriate gifts include framed photos of the twins at birth and on their first birthday, baby footprints etched into glass plaques or twin necklaces printed with their birth date that a parent can tuck away until they are old enough to wear.


Parents enjoy clothing gifts for 1-year-old twins, as they are growing by leaps and bounds. Make sure you know the clothing size of each child before purchasing wearable birthday gifts for 1-year-old twins. Remember, just because they are twins does not necessarily mean they will be the same size. Some parents dress their twins alike out of convenience or preference, so inquire about the parents’ wishes for clothing styles prior to making a purchase.

Early Childhood Enrichment Activities

One-year-old twins are quickly becoming energetic and mobile. A thoughtful birthday gift for both twins and parents is a gift certificate to a child enrichment program. Early childhood programs are often held at community and recreation centers, and frequently feature music, art, movement and age-appropriate levels of interaction with other children of the same age.