Gift Suggestions for Someone Turning 80

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By the time someone turns 80, he has often moved into a smaller residence and started downsizing his personal possessions. This makes it more challenging to find an appropriate gift for a person turning 80. He may not appreciate knickknacks as much as a personal gift that can give him enjoyment or has a practical purpose.


Someone turning 80 is less likely to have extensive computer knowledge than a younger person. If the gift recipient turning 80 has no computer knowledge, yet wants to find an easier way to get new books, or check out her grandchildren’s pictures on a social network, then consider giving her a tablet-like computer or an eBook reader. The eBook reader is appropriate for the 80-year-old who doesn’t have a great desire to go online, yet would like to be able to instantly download a new book and adjust the font size of the text. Some eBook readers allows the user to download books to the device without hooking it up to a computer, and no Internet service is needed. Tablets have eBook reader capabilities, yet they will also allow the user to surf online, check out their grandkids at social network sites and email. Some newer tablet-like computers are easier to learn than a traditional laptop or desktop. If wireless service is not already available, consider the additional cost of wireless.


Televisions have changed a great deal in the first decade of the 21st century, and the 80-year-old may still have his vintage television set with its small screen. For many people turning 80, the television is a prime source of entertainment, especially if she is homebound. When giving a television, purchase an easy-to-use, simple remote with larger buttons.

Coffee-Table Brag Book

Use one of the many online photo print shops to create a coffee-table photo "brag book" that features photographs of the recipient’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren or other special people in her life. Begin by gathering the photos and converting them to digital format by scanning each image. Create a free membership at one of the print-on-demand photo sites and use their online form to create a custom photo book. This gift is ideal for the 80-year-old who lives in a retirement home with limited space. Instead of using an online vendor, visit your local photo center to check for a similar service.

Personal Service

Give the recipient a personal service by hiring the services of a professional or making gift certificates in which the recipient uses a certificate to redeem the service from you. These services include a day of spring-cleaning in which you clean those hard-to-reach places such as pot shelves, or strenuous projects, such as cleaning out the garage. Alternatively, you can perform a yard service or window cleaning. Instead of cleaning, volunteer for a day of chauffeuring or running errands. When a person is 80, she may find it more difficult to care for her home, or she may no longer drive a car.